Antioxidant Lymph
Vital serum rich in moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant elements*

Concentrated of moisturizing ingredients with the capacity to bind water and to release it at skin level also forming a protective film that prevents the dehydration of the epidermis.
The Escin, derived from Horse Chestnut, it has vaso-protective action, vitamin E plays as anti-radical and protective element while the natural extract of Chlorophyll promotes skin purification.

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Information on properties of the product active ingredients


Hyaluronic acid

It is a natural component of skin, and is also called “sponge molecule” for its ability to bind and retain water. In fact, the stratum corneum cells increase in volume, because soaked in water molecules that the hyaluronic acid absorbs and retains. Thus, it favours an immediate hydration and helps the skin to take on a more soft and smooth appearance.

Sodium PCA (Sodium Pyrrolidin-carbossilic acid)

This acid slowly absorbs water and gives a slow but long lasting hydration. Being a derivative of the natural amino-acid Proline, it is very similar to the skin amino-acids, and therefore, it is well accepted by the skin.

Glucosaminoglicani (GAG’s)

The GAG’s incorporating a considerable amount of water, become a valuable source of hydration slowly release and therefore long lasting. Also constitute a physiological support for the fibers of collagen and elastin, which give strength and elasticity to the skin.

Hydroxy-propyl-Cyclo-Dextrins and cyclo-Dextrin

Functional principles of vegetal origin, which have a visible “tensor effect”. In addition, they also have a remarkable action as moisturizers.


This mixture of amino-acids and oligo-peptides, is able to protect and give new strength and tonicity to the fibres of dermal Collagen weakened by ageing and by the destructive effect of Free Radicals.

Jojoba oil

This oil provides poly-unsaturated fatty acids and restores the hydro-lipidic film, the skin first line of defence. It has also a protecting, nourishing, softening and elasticizing effect.

Asian Pennywort extract

This extract reactivates the venous circulation so reducing venous stasis and the oedemas. In addition it stimulates the new synthesis of Collagen and Elastin so giving the skin tonicity, strength and elasticity.


Escin extracted from the Horse-chestnut seeds, protects the blood vessels, reduces the permeability of capillaries, so reducing oedemas. In addition, it improves the venous circulation, so preventing venous stasis and hydro-lipidic accumulations.


Phospholipid very spread out in nature, distinctive of all the cellular membranes of the animal and vegetal kingdom. It performs as a natural emulsifier, not allergenic, perfectly tolerated, not greasy, suitable to any kind of skin. It has also anti-Free Radicals and skin emollient properties. So, on one end, it protects the skin and, on the other, it gives the skin soft and silky feeling.

Snail secretion

It is an extract of Helix aspersa pure to 70%; the remaining percentage consists of substances normally present in animal secretions. Our product is of certificate italian origin and obtained without suffering of snails.The snail secretion has exfoliating, moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating qualities. The gently exfoliating action is linked to the natural presence of glycolic acid and lactic acid: these components help to moisturize and smooth the skin, remove dead cells from the skin surface then allows the substances contained in the product to penetrate. The presence of collagen and elastin, strengthens the skin and gives it firmness and elasticity; allantoin, vitamins and proteins help the skin in its natural process of regeneration and repair of damaged tissues thus counteracting the formation of scars, keloids and hyperpigmentation. The secretions of Helix Aspersa also defend skin against environmental pollution through its antioxidant action. Contrasting photo-aging these secretions exert anti-aging action.


Rich in magnesium, chlorophyll is a green pigment present in almost all plants, in algae and in some bacteria and is equipped with antioxidant and protective properties.

How to use

Apply with light massage together or after application of MCR4, Atout ∞ or MCR10, according to the method of use recommended.


Particular individual hypersensitivity to each of the components.

Special precautions

None, when applied to healthy skin, according to the method of use recommended.

*Cosmetic treatments of skin’s upper layers
Dermatologically and microbiologically tested
Do not dispose the container after the use
A slight color change is due to the presence of natural substances, it is recommended to keep in a cool, dry place away from light.


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